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Delsue Frankson, MEd. — Founder & CEO.

Delsue Frankson Consulting Services is committed to equipping individuals and organizations to become “Better and Stronger.”

“Striving to Become Better and Stronger.”

To equip individuals to become effective and productive citizens in their communities, state, country and the world.

“Life Is Not Worth Living, Unless It Is Lived for Others.”

-Mother Teresa

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Be Unstoppable: Persevering Through Hard Times Unto Success!

This course teaches strategies that will help you persevere through hard times and also how to become "A Better, Stronger You", only then can you truly make a difference in your family, in your community and in the world and as a result improve your quality of life. Be Unstoppable! There is no limit with God!


Suicide Awareness: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

You are not alone! You matter! Need someone to talk to, call today!


Fast and Affordable Self-Publishing

This course will teach you how to self-publish fast and at an affordable rate.


A Life Changing Prayer and Blessing!

Your answer to life's problems is just a prayer away!

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Morning Devotion and Meditation

My Personal Time with God!